Manage your own subscriptions

Be in control of detecting users, performing PIN validation, managing billing, and compliance messaging for all your subscribers via the Infomedia API. 


Breakdown of steps:

  • 1-5. Give the user the ability to provide their mobile number on the Partner platform and initiate a subscription.

  • 6. Partner calls the PinGenerateWithParams API method to initiate the Infomedia platform to send a PIN SMS to the user.

  • 7. API response provided to Partner containing status.

  • 8. Infomedia platform triggers a PIN SMS to the user's device.

  • 9-11. User inputs the PIN on the Partner's platform and clicks to confirm the subscription.

  • 12. Partner subscribes the user in their platform

  • 13-14. Partner calls the LogActivity API method to notify Infomedia when a successful subscription has occurred. API response provided to Partner containing status.

  • 15. Partner calls the SendBillWithPIN API method to verify the PIN and trigger the initial subscription bill.
    Note: If  your subscription starts with a free period meaning you don't want to bill the user, you can call PINValidate to just validate the PIN entry and continue with the flow
    Note: For recurring billing on a subscription, subsequent bills are to be triggered by calling the SendBill API method. 

  • 16. API response provided to Partner containing status. Upon success, the user will have been billed the requested amount. In the event of a PIN validation error or billing failure, the Partner will receive the relevant response codes from the API.

  • 17. Partner provides logs transaction details and gives the user access to their service.

  • 18. Infomedia platform sends a payment confirmation SMS to the user. Post-billing SMS is mandatory in some countries and in most cases this must be triggered by Infomedia.

Cancelling customer's subscription:

  1. Once you cancel your customer's subscription in your platform, call the UpdateActivity API method to notify Infomedia so that both platforms are in sync.

Get Production access:

  1. Once you're happy with your Sandbox tests and you want Production access, sign in and go to Products and click on Production. Configure a 'subscription' just as you did for Sandbox. Give your subscription a relevant name, again you can change this later if required.

  2. Your Production subscription will be sent to Infomedia for approval. Once approved, you will have access to the production API. Click on the green 'Try It' button to test your request and see a response from any of the required production API methods. 
    Note: Your API access key will only be pre-populated after your Production subscription request has been approved by Infomedia.

  3. If you require any assistance, contact us on

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